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I've a piece of code something like this and I want to insert the data by using a while.

Weather weather_data[] = new Weather[]{
                new Weather(0, "Cloudy"),
                new Weather(0, "Showers"),
                new Weather(0, "Snow"),
                new Weather(0, "Storm"),
                new Weather(0, "Sunny")

How can I fill this list using a while ?


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you already filled the array when initialized. do you want to manipulate the content? – Juvanis Nov 25 '12 at 7:13
You might get better answers if you told us why you want to do this. – NPE Nov 25 '12 at 7:18

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Try this:

Weather weather_data[] = new Weather[5];

int i = 0;
while(i < weather_data.length){
    //fill array [i]
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I understand that you want to fill your array with the following String array as base:

String[] weatherTypes = {"Cloudy","Showers","Snow","Storm","Sunny"};

Then you can do this:

int i=0;
Weather[] weather_data = new Weather[];
for (String weatherType: weatherTypes){
   weather_data[i] = new Weather(0,weatherType);

You could use also use a list:

List<Weather> weather_data = new ArrayList<Weather>();
for (String weatherType: weatherTypes){
   weather_data.add(new Weather(0,weatherTypes));
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Weather[] weather_data = new Weather[5];

public void addWeatherData(Weather newWeather) {
    int counter = 0;
    while (counter < weather_data.length) {
        if (weather_data[counter] == null) {
            weather_data[counter] = newWeather;
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