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I am going to try to explain my system as best as I can.

I have a few client web portals. The portals are not very involved. But, clients are given a CMS and logins to manage their data.

I started out with separate databases and separate installations of the CMS for each client portal. The databases consisted of data tables (e.g. products, services, facilities, etc). Then I had a table of 'meta data'. The meta data table would specify the details of attributes for each table, such as type of the attribute, length of the attribute, type of HTML element it corresponds to etc.

The CMS software used the meta data to render data entry/update forms and display of the data. The idea was to shield the software from changes, if I had to add a new data table or added an new attribute to a data table. All I did was to make entries in the attributes table. For example, if I needed to add a 'weight' field to a product table, I added the field and made a corresponding entry in the 'meta data' table. The CMS detected the new field and add it to the data entry forms and included in the display of the product.

However, if changes were made to the 'meta data' table (e.g. support for a new data type), I needed to modify the CMS software. Then I needed to upgrade the CMS and the 'meta data' tables at all existing client sites, or else the sites would remain on older version of the software.

To make things easier, I changed things to make all portals use a single installation of the CMS and a single database for all the clients. Now all client portals share the same set of data tables. The data for each client is tracked by an 'organization id'. I have set up some access control such that users are associated with an organization and cannot view/modify data that does not belong to their 'organization id'. This approach works OK so far as none of clients need a high level of customization or security.

I am uneasy with the approach that I have taken. Besides, I would like to do an architecture that takes into account security, performance etc. I am looking to see if I can do this better. Can you make a suggestion or point me to some material that discusses architecture for web portals.

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