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I just starting build restful api. I start project cooking and create app to api. I use tastypie and tastypie-mongoengine addon. In settings.py I config like that

INSTALLED_APPS +=('tastypie',
MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES += ('django.contrib.auth.middleware.AuthenticationMiddleware',
    import mongoengine
SESSION_ENGINE = 'mongoengine.django.sessions'

I comment this

#    'default': {
#        'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.', # Add 'postgresql_psycopg2', 'mysql', 'sqlite3' or 'oracle'.
#        'NAME': '', # Or path to database file if using sqlite3.
#        'USER': '', # Not used with sqlite3.
#        'PASSWORD': '', # Not used with sqlite3.
#        'HOST': '', # Set to empty string for localhost. Not used with sqlite3.
#        'PORT': '', # Set to empty string for default. Not used with sqlite3.
#    }

But when I syncdb it django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: settings.DATABASES is improperly configured. Please supply the ENGINE value. Check settings documentation for more details. I want django project use mongo too? How to config correct? thank for advance

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1 Answer

You should not run syncdb if you are not using relational databases.

Read documentation of MongoEngine on how to integrate it with Django.

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