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I made this code for finding LCM of two numbers. It is the starting chunk which is having problems. I tried to find the problem but couldn't figure it out. It is giving me error of unaligned address and other exceptions when I try to Load word or Store word. Here is the code:


user: .asciiz "enter first number\n"
user2: .asciiz "enter second number\n"

array1: .space 500
array2: .space 500
array3: .space 500



la $a0,user
li $v0,4

li $v0,5

move $s0,$v0

la $a0,user2
li $v0,4

li $v0,5

move $s1,$v0

li $t0,0
li $t1,0
li $t2,2    
li $t3,3
li $t4,0
li $t5,5
li $t6,7
li $t7,0
li $t8,0
li $t9,0
li $s8,0

la $t8,array1
la $t9,array2

j Loop1


div $s0,$t2

mflo $s2
mfhi $s3 # remainder

beq $s2,1,Loop2

xor $s5,$s3,$0

beq $s5,1,Odd3

add $t4,$t7,$t8

sw $t2,0($t4)  # error

addi $t7,$t7,4

j Loop1


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Please mention and add a tag saying which assembler you use (probably spim or gas) –  Jester Nov 25 '12 at 15:10
Can I have your email address? My code is messing up so I would like to send it to you. If you like to see the code here, I will past here but the code is very lengthy –  Alfred Nov 25 '12 at 15:16

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If it complains about unaligned address, then you should go look why it's unaligned. Assemblers are typically smart enough to align data as appropriate, but you are using the .space directive which doesn't have any type (and hence alignment) information. By chance your strings make the arrays unaligned. You can fix this by manually adding a .align 2 directive before array1.

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