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I'm developing my android app in Eclipse. I used to debug my android app with the AVD emulator and a real phone device as well. Lately I face the following problems when I try to work with the emulator:

When I issue "Run As" or "Debug As" Android Application, the AVD emulator launches but it does not load the latest version of the application. It keeps a previous version of it. The DDMS does not load the "Emulator device" in the Devices tab. Moreover, the Debug "Logcat" does not write anything.

When I work with the phone device everything is working properly. Any suggestions?

Some more info that may help: From the Manifest file: From the default.properties file: target=Google Inc.:Google APIs:12 AVD Emulator targe: Android 3.1 Google APIs Level 12

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delete and install the emulator again or try to clean your project as well as close the project and open it again –  Android Developer Nov 25 '12 at 11:42

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If your emulator properties have Snapshot option enabled, then uncheck it and rebuild your application after cleaning it. The emulator might be picking your old copy from snapshot.

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the snapshot option is by default disabled... –  goseib Nov 25 '12 at 14:42

in your emulator snapshot should be disabled as well as in "DEV Setting" option USB Debugging mode should be enabled . it will work fine

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