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I have a table that goes like this: my db Now i'm trying to get all called columns and a sum of the duration for a specific called var. Now i'm trying this :

select called,SUM(duration) as dursum,time,CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), time, 4) AS Batch  
from Calls
where caller='somevalue'
group by called,time
order by called

Now the problem is that i guess because i order by time as well i don't really get distinct values by called, i get the same number several times, and ofcourse the sum acts the same, sums only part of the rows.

I can't remove the group by time as it will cause an error for using the SUM function.

Again i want the result to have every called number once per day and the dursum to contain all the duration sum and grouped by the batch column somehow...

How can i solve this?

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You are right, not grouping by time brings you the correct resultset. However, the error occuring then is easily explainable: it is caused by the selection of " time,CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), time, 4) AS Batch " in the select clause -> thus you just need some kind of aggregation for the time-field (for instance MAX(time),CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), MAX(time), 4) AS Batch.

Best regards

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But i don't need one. i actually need the results to be grouped by that time, as for different day i do want the caller to show again. – eric.itzhak Nov 25 '12 at 11:48
Maybe I got your problem: you want group by day :-) -> this can be easily done: just wrap your query around an subquery which converts datetime to date! – Enno Nov 25 '12 at 11:58

Well this is how i solved it in the end :

select called,SUM(duration) as dursum, dateadd(DAY,0, datediff(day,0, time))as Batch2 ,CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), time, 4) AS Batch  
from Calls
where caller='0502081971'
group by called, dateadd(DAY,0, datediff(day,0, time)),CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), time, 4)
order by called
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