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I'm working on a WPF application. My application includes a few projects. In one of the projects I have a user control which uses another user control from a different project. if I don't give the user control a name, i just add it through xaml, the application works ok. But, if i add the x:Name attribute to the user control, the application compiles ok, but at real time i get a "Could not load file or assembly" exception. Trying to add the usercontrol in the code behind instead of xaml - gave the same results - the application crashed at realtime.

my xaml looks like this:

<UserControl xmlns:my="clr-namespace:UserControls.CtrlTwo;assembly=Project1".../>

<my:CtrlTwo x:Name = "ctrlTwo"/>

any idea why it happens and what could I do to avoid it?

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The solution was to reference the user control from the start up project. (i have no explaination why)

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