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Does VBA have Generic collections? I am relatively new to VBA. I see it has dictionary data structure. What are the other collections or data structures that vba have?

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If you are asking about the C#'s Generic Collections then the answer is no. VBA does not support generics at all. –  Michal Krzych Jun 10 '14 at 12:19

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There is also a collections object type.

Where the dictionary has a key-value pair system, collections are a list of values. I generally prefer dictionaries for this type of work since it has a .exists method which I often use. You can also roll your own data structures by using class modules.

You can also use single or multi-dimensional arrays. Range data structures are the main way to interface with Excel sheets. If querying databases then ADODB recordset objects are helpful for that.

I use all of these on a regular basis in the VBA world. I haven't demonstrated syntax here as you are looking for more general guidance.

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