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I have created a simple html template for listing a friends artworks. The problem I am experiencing is that the images are not showing.

I have a couple of html img tags and some images in css background style tags. All the images are self hosted and display in a browser when accessed directly or when I view the html template in a browser. When I place the template into ebay and preview it the images do not show.

The template is as follows:

<div style="width: 950px;">
  <div style="width: 950px; height: 150px; background: url('') no-repeat 0 0; margin-bottom: 10px;">
      <img style="margin: 10px 0 0 10px;" src="" width="400" height="89" />

  <div style="width: 950px; min-height: 420px; background: url('') no-repeat 0 0; text-align: center;">
      <h1>Wooden stones Set of 5 (Light Oak)</h1>
      <img src=""
        width="380" height="243" />
      <p>Set of 5 presentation wooden stones made from solid wood with
        finished as shown</p>

Does anyone know as to why the images are not showing?

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You are missing the // in your urls. For example, instead of this:

Do this:

Make that change in all references.

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Woah, how did I miss that, many thanks Ben. – Garry Nov 25 '12 at 12:31

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