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I'm using the autotools and I have a prebuilt binary that I want to install along with all the other stuff that is built from source. I tried to include it in my with

libexec_PROGRAMS = thirdparty/feever

The problem here is that it always wants to compile the file thirdparty/feever.c - which does not exist. I also have other files that shall be installed in the same way, so I'd prefer a clean solution. What's the standard way to do that? I'm stuck, although I'm sure there must be a simple trick ... :-) I already tried using the _DATA primary, but it doesn't set the exec flag, which I need.


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This sounds really counter-intuitive, but have you tried installing it as a script?

libexec_SCRIPTS = thirdparty/feever
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This is how I do it. In addition, this means it won't delete the binary when you run make clean. –  ptomato Nov 27 '12 at 11:17

You could use install-exec-local:

    $(INSTALL_PROGRAM) -m 755 thirdparty/feever "$(DESTDIR)$(libexecdir)"
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