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I'm very sorry if I made a wrong title, I'm not familiar with SOAP response and types of it. But I guess it's a WSDL response, at least I got it from WSDL link...

I have a following url

And after I made a request using curl_multi I got the following response. The response was shortened to two results so it would be easier to read

The response is as following:

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
      <GetJourneyListResponse xmlns="">
          <GetJourneyListResult xmlns:a="" xmlns:i="">

Is there any chance to parse the result using PHP? I made lots of searches including StackOverflow and here what I managed to find.

To parse the above response I can use following code:

$xml = simplexml_load_string($result);
   foreach ($xml->xpath('//flight:Journey') as $item){

It seems that the above PHP code piece is correct by partially. I get the correct amount of "Journey"s but the $item by its own is empty.

Any solutions? Please don't advise to use SoapClient to retrieve the result. I can't move from curl_multi. I already have the result and I need to parse it. Thank you in advance

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First try parsing soap response then try Google.

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