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I am trying to create a diagram in Libreoffice calc, where the x axis labels shall be intervals and the y axis labels shall be shown in percentage.

My table looks like this:

0-40        100%
40-70       96%
70-100      92%
100-130     84%
>130        63%

Unfortunately, the y axis labels are shown correct, but the x axis labels look like this, instead of labeling it with the given intervals:

0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7

Where the diagram begins with x=1 and ends up with x = 6.

I did not find a way to make calc label the x axis as specified and also did not find any help online. Probably someone knows?

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Edit the Data Series for your chart and let Categories point to the fields in your table that hold the labels.

  1. When in edit mode for your chart (simply double-click it, if not), right click and select Data Ranges....
  2. Select the Data Series tab.
  3. For each of the Data series make sure they point to the same fields containing your labels.
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Ok, what worked for me:

When you go insert an object -> graph,

choose XY Scatter, and NOT Line Graph.

XY Scatter will automatically put your first column selected as your x axis.

With XY Scatter, there is a data range entry option called "x axis".

A line graph will not and it appears impossible to ever create a data range called "x axis".

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When you create the chart the Chart Wizard has several steps. Step 2 - "Data Range" has some checkboxes. Make sure "first row as label" is selected, and "first column as label" is also selected.

I have no idea how to do this after you've created a chart.

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