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Are there any alternative tools for the conversion of Docbook documents (V4 oder V5) to (X)HTML other than the standard Jade tool and the associated DSSL stylesheet?. Of course XSLT is an option...I am looking for something more robust and handy compared to Jade (which is outdated technology)

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Yes, XSLT is the way to go. See – mzjn Nov 26 '12 at 7:48

I have got good results with the (XSLT based) following ones:

  • Maven plugin:
    • docbkx-maven-plugin
    • maven-jdocbook-plugin
  • Publican
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The only options known to me for converting DocBook to HTML are DSSSL and XSLT. XSLT is the standard nowadays. I don't know what you hope to get from some other tool.

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