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GAE remote API for java :Configuring Remote API on an App Engine Client

RemoteApiInsideAppEngineExample(String username, String password)
        throws IOException {
        // Authenticating with username and password is slow, so we'll do it
        // once during construction and then store the credentials for reuse.
        this.options = new RemoteApiOptions()
            .server("", 443)
            .credentials(username, password);
        RemoteApiInstaller installer = new RemoteApiInstaller();
        try {
            // Update the options with reusable credentials so we can skip
            // authentication on subsequent calls.
            options.reuseCredentials(username, installer.serializeCredentials());
        } finally {

In my test it always throw exception:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: charset may not be null or empty
    at Source)
    at Source)


I'm sure the username and password is admin one, I use GAE 1.7, Federated Login, High Replication Datastore.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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The code was working on me. You Just need to be sure that your replace the "your_target_app_id" by the applicationID

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I think i found the answer, i use federated login, and currently GAE remote API does not support federated login---so bad that i spent much time on debugging.

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