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In ZF there is a Forward Plugin in controllers. The manual says about it:

Occasionally, you may want to dispatch additional controllers from within the matched controller – for instance, you might use this approach to build up “widgetized” content. The Forward plugin helps enable this.

The example of it is like this:

$foo = $this->forward()->dispatch('foo', array('action' => 'process'));

The plugin returns something from the foo controller (FooController::processAction) to the initial matched controller that calls the plugin. But is it possible to finish the request (send final response to browser) from that foo controller? Like this:

class IndexController extends AbstractActionController {

    // The request comes here by routes
    public function indexAction() {

        if($someCondition) {

            // I forward the request to the fooAction of this IndexController
            // And I do not wait for any return from it, the response
            // will be sent from fooAction, the run will not come back here
            $this->forward()->dispatch('index', array('action' => 'foo'));

    // I want to send the response from this action and finish with the request
    public function fooAction() {

        $response = $this->getResponse();

        // But it returns the response to the indexAction,
        // instead of sending it to browser.
        // How to finish the request here?
        return $response;

Is it possible with the Forward?

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use regular php return construct:

return $this->forward()->dispatch('index', array('action' => 'foo'));
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