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I have this code that tells me a NullPointerException precisely at the method inizializza() at line:

valori[y].add(new Record(matriceBinaria[i][j], j));

How can I add items to the valori without that kind of exception?

Code java

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You must also initialize each element in you array as follows :

if (valori[y] == null)
    valori[y] = new ArrayList();

valori[y].add(new Record(matriceBinaria[i][j], j));

ArrayList[size] is actually an array where each element is the ArrayList object. Since ArrayList is not a primitive you must alloacte memory for it by using new. So when you do valori[y] in your code you are accessing an uninitialized (null) object

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Thanks! How do I create an iterator over "matriceBinaria"? I have set as follows: pastebin.com/Lbs6bWuj but I get "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" and I print only the first values ​​of "valori" set to null! –  drKucho Nov 25 '12 at 16:12

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