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How do you create a new class object and add data to it from a database?

I have a table(tblCars) in a database and would like to loop through each row(Using sqldatareader?) and create a new object named after the primary key(Registration number), then add data to it from the other columns.

So instead of this:

carClass car1 = new carClass();
car1.registration = "RT11 HWY";
car1.make = "Ford";

It would be something like:

//connection and reader stuff
carClass <registration> = new carClass();
<registration>.registration = column1;
<registration>.make = column2;
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You can use some lightweight ORM for this kind of mapping. Take a look here, there are many free solutions for this. There are also at least two made by Microsoft, LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework

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Also: see Dapper Dot Net which powers this site :-) –  marc_s Nov 25 '12 at 15:43

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