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I have project to transfer data from client to server and I use ssl in java and I use one key to encrypt and decryption I use keytool to create the key

server Security.addProvider(new Provider());

        //Specifying the Keystore details

        // Enable debugging to view the handshake and communication which happens between the SSLClient and the SSLServer
        // System.setProperty("javax.net.debug","all");

            // Initialize the Server Socket
            SSLServerSocketFactory sslServerSocketfactory = (SSLServerSocketFactory)SSLServerSocketFactory.getDefault();
            sslServerSocket = (SSLServerSocket)sslServerSocketfactory.createServerSocket(intSSLport);

client System.setProperty("javax.net.ssl.trustStore", "/home/lap/NetBeansProjects/Dionaea-001/testkeystore.ks");

        // Registering the JSSE provider
        Security.addProvider(new Provider());

    try {
        // Creating Client Sockets
        SSLSocketFactory sslsocketfactory = (SSLSocketFactory)SSLSocketFactory.getDefault();
        SSLSocket sslSocket = (SSLSocket)sslsocketfactory.createSocket(strServerName,intSSLport);

my questions it is possible to use one key in SSL? how I can know the type of encryption AES or DES?

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The certificate and private key in your server keystore are only used for authenticating the server.

With SSL/TLS, the encryption keys are shared keys negotiated during the handshake.

You can see which encryption algorithm from the cipher suites that is used, which you can get from the SSLSession once you've established the connection. (You can get the session from the SSLSocket.)

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