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i have a parent UIViewController from wich i present a UITableViewController with an embed in UINavigationController from wich i have to select some rows ( in my case rows with people name ), add them to a mutableArray witch i must send back to the UIViewController.

i have tried a normal protocol:

@class TableViewController
@protocol TableViewDelegate <NSObject>
-(void)sendFrom:(TableViewController *)controller theList:(NSMutableArray *)list;
@proprety (nonatomic, strong) id<TableViewDelegate> delegate;

then in the TableViewController.m ... -(IBAction)dissmisController:(id)sender { [self.delegate sendFrom:self theList:_theListOfPersons]; [self dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES completion:nil]; }

then the ViewController.h

 #import "TableViewController.h"

then i add the delegate


then i implement the method of the protocol

-(void)sendFrom:(TableViewController *)controller theList:(NSMutableArray *)list
     NSLog(@"the list of persons is %@", list);

last thing before i run the app is to set the delegate to the segue [[segue destinationViewController] setDelegate:self];

The problem is that my delegate method never get called. and also, if i check in the TableViewController.m viewDidLoad, the delegate like

NSLog(@"%@", self.delegate);

the answer is : (null)

can anyone explain this ?

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