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My function is supposed to get the text from an edit box (Win32) and then append _T("1") every time a button is clicked. It only changes once, and does not append. Please help. :( My function looks like this:

TCHAR boxUpdate[MAX_COUNT] = {'\0'};
HWND boxxy;

void append(TCHAR in[], TCHAR out[]){
    TCHAR *ptr_in = in;
    TCHAR *ptr_out = out;
    GetWindowText(boxxy, ptr_out, MAX_COUNT);

    while (*ptr_out != '\0') {

    *ptr_out = *ptr_in;

    SetWindowText(boxxy, ptr_out);
    *ptr_out++ = '\0';
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Sorry, _T("1") should be going in the TCHAR in[] parameter, and boxUpdate goes to the TCHAR out[] parameter –  crispyfriedchicken Nov 25 '12 at 15:50
Consider doing this: stackoverflow.com/a/12538062/962089 –  chris Nov 25 '12 at 15:59
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