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Is there a way to vertically center text entered in textarea with known width and height? I have a fixed-sized textarea where text should be typed in and I want the text to start from the center while you type it. Horizontal centering could be done with text-align:center, but I cant find any way to align horizontally.

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if you are OK with javascript check this link : demo


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Thanks! I'm not very good with javascript, but I'll try to look into it. Actually, after posting here, I've understand that it would be cool if the text would be automatically centered vertically right as long as you type, so, like, if the first line you type is centered, then after you start typing the second line of text, the whole block of these two lines goes centered. I guess, this could be accomplished only via the complex javascript... –  Kostsei Nov 26 '12 at 7:58
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