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I'm working on a app for Windows 8. This app relies on the cameras of a device. In particular, i'm very interested in the names of the cameras on a Microsoft Surface. I know that I can get the name of each camera on a device using the DeviceInformation class.

My question is, what are the names of the cameras on a Microsoft Surface? I'm currently developing on an older Dell machine. My device has a camera in the lid. That camera name has "WebCam" in it. I'm trying to learn if I should be looking for "Front" and "Back" or what other possible camera names there are.

Can someone please let me know? Thanks!

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Checking for specific names sounds like a pretty bad idea, doesn't it? Surface isn't the only Windows 8/Windows RT device sold and most likely not the most common one available. You can get device.EnclosureLocation.Panel if EnclosureLocation is not null and that gives you information on whether the camera is a front or back camera if that information is available.

If you look at the CameraCaptureControl in WinRT XAML Toolkit - it has some work done already to enable users to select a front or back camera.

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