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if I have a constructor function and want to plug in a DOM element how do I do this? I figure I need to convert it to a string but I'm not sure & I can't quite figure out how to convert it. Thank you.

function MyFunk(domElementVar,domElementString) {

this.domeElementVar = document.getElementById(this.domeElementString);

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Your current function is a constructor that accepts two arguments: an element and a string. This means you would call it as new MyFunk(document.getElementById(...), "...").

What you want instead is a constructor that only accepts a string, and finds the element itself. Note that:

  • For arguments, do not use this.. They are variables available inside the function.
  • For properties on the object being constructed, do use this..


function MyFunk(domElementString) {
  this.domeElementVar = document.getElementById(domeElementString);
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Ok, I actually already knew this, (but thanks for the explanation..which I didn't know).I was thinking along the wrong lines toward the real problem I am trying to solve. I reworded my problem into a new question here: stackoverflow.com/questions/13560218/… –  William Nov 26 '12 at 7:13

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