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So i need some directions. I want to understand Cloud Software as a Service(SaaS) practical initialization. The thing is I want to create a simple cloud service which would let me run programs on this cloud from remote machine. As I understand, I need some kind of specific backbone project to start this system, similar like OpenStack or Apache Cloud for Infostructure as a Service. Of course it may be that I understand it completely wrong and even if there is such project, it is not open source, free. I could also comprehend SaaS building on IaaS, but the thing is, I can't find any practical information at all. Could Somebody indulge me if there is any kind of free licence SaaS project or recommend a related articles or explain everything in a nut case with atleast vague direction.

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You sound like all you really want to do is create a horizontally scalable infrastructure for use in a public cloud.


There are many presentations and discussions about how to approach this. I have linked one off of google that appeared to be pretty accessible.

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