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I used jdk8 to compile my java program to use some latest feature.

Can JRE 8 be shipped before final release ? Looks like JRE 8 is not available standalone.So can I ship JDK8 before it it's final release

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how did you notice JRE 8 was not available standalone? – panny Jan 24 '13 at 5:50
@panny What I meant is that the only downloadable available now is JDK8 from . I did not find JRE8 as downloadable like JRE7 (…) . Of course one can take the JRE directory from a JDK8 installation directory but not sure if it legal to distribute . – SoulMan Jan 24 '13 at 9:28

JRE8 and JDK8 are currently in Early Adopter version (EA). It's license terms follow:

We grant You a revocable, nonexclusive, nontransferable, royalty-free and limited right to (a) use one (1) copy of the binary portions of the Programs and any Supplemental Programs for the sole purpose of internal non-production and non-commercial evaluation and testing of the Programs, including, developing no more than a single prototype of each of Your applications;

Now, of course, I'm no lawyer nor is this legal advice, but as this says, you can't ship a jre8 software (as that would include binary portions of jre8) to your production or commercial non-evaluation nor testing multiple non-prototypes of your application.

Additionally, you'd be subject to their Export Controls, found in the above address.

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The GA is available as of March 18th:

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