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I'm confused by the terminology in ListChangeListener.Change in JavaFX. I had an observable list and called set(index,newValue) on the list.

On the resulting change I observed the following change attributes:

wasRemoved() == true
wasReplaced() == false
wasUpdated() == false

Thankfully, getAddedSublist() contained the new value but I would have expected wasReplaced or wasUpdated to be true.

What change would these two fields be true?

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Are you sure of that? I just tried it and got 'true' on wasReplaced. I don't know what would set wasUpdated to 'true' though. – ftkg Nov 25 '12 at 22:16
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My own stupid mistake. I copied the example from the Javadocs and added several else if blocks, e.g.

if(change.wasAdded()) {
} else if (change.wasRemoved()) {
} else if (change.wasReplaced()) {

doReplace() was never getting called because it was an else if and not an if. Thanks to @ftkg for the advice to get me here.

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