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I have an xml file which is stored in an "image" column in an MSSQL database. This field is being set by a java program i do not have access to. I have been told its just a standard Java "blob" object.

Is there anyway for me to read this field from the db in .NET and decode it into a readable string?

I have close to no Java knowledge but signigicant .NET knowledge if that helps.


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There seems to be a workable example for reading the blob as bytes here:

As far as a "standard Java "blob" object", that sounds like a mythical beast, unless he means a Java object serialized into a blob field. You could probably look into the spec for Java serialization and figure it out, but meantime it sounds to me like you've been given a standard Java object task by a standard glib manager.

Come to think of it here's a pretty neat suggestion. See the comment by the fellow regarding deserializing Java objects into .NET:

Deserialize in a different language

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It should just be a byte[]. Have you tried reading it as such?

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