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I want to use class Poco::DirectoryWatcher to receive notifications about new files appearing in a directory. I create DirectoryWatcher object

DirectoryWatcher dw (string ("dir"));

Then I have a problem adding a delagate to event itemAdded. I want to use a method onAdd of the object listener, that instantiates class Controller

class Controller {
  void onAdd (const void*, DirectoryWatcher::DirectoryEvent&) {
      cout << "Event" << endl;


Controller listener;
dw.itemAdde += delegate (&listener, &Controller::onAdd);

And here I receive compilation error. What do I do wrong and what and how must I do?

All required headers were included.

Poco library 1.45, Xubuntu 12.04, gcc 4.6.


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What is the compilation error? – gvd Nov 25 '12 at 23:14

Try this, template expects const event arg:

void onAdd (const void*, const DirectoryWatcher::DirectoryEvent&) {
    cout << "Event" << endl;
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