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I wrote a function as:

function makeTitleEditable($titleContainer){
        var defaultValue = $titleContainer.text().replace("'","\\'");
        $titleContainer.replaceWith("<input id='poll_title' name='poll[title]' value='" + defaultValue +"' type='text'>");

Now the problem was I still can't escape the single quote. For example, if

$titleContainer.text() => I'm lucky

console.log("<input id='poll_title' name='poll[title]' value='" + defaultValue +"' type='text'>") => <input id='poll_title' name='poll[title]' value='I\'m lucky!' type='text'> 

which would generate DOM with value "I" rather than "I'm lucky". How can I solve this problem?

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Why don´t you using double quotes for your attributes? –  TimWolla Nov 25 '12 at 20:50

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Use jQuery to set the value;

function makeTitleEditable($titleContainer){
       $("<input id='poll_title' name='poll[title]' type='text'>").val($titleContainer.text())
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