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I'm trying to get video to play in a fancybox with rails, using fancybox-rails. I followed the instructions at the site and can get a picture to pop up nicely.

Here's my code for a picture (which works):

= link_to image_tag('/assets/newlook/video_placehldr.jpg'), '/assets/newlook/nicepicture.jpg', :class => 'fancybox'

If I switch nicepicture.jpg to nicevideo.mp4 (or nicevideo.webm or nicevideo.ogv) then then a small fancybox pops up with a spinning wheel indicator but then it just freezes there.

I could be missing something simple, as I'm getting back into the swing of rails and all the fancy javascript options. Because of that, here's what I think is the relevant part of my application.js:

$(document).ready(function() {
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First, you would also need to change

link_to image_tag()

... to the proper tag, not just the name of the video

Second, fancybox is not a media player ... you still need a player (like jwplayer for instance) to open those videos in fancybox so your (rendered) link to a video should rather look like

<a href="path/to/payer/jwplayer.swf?file='path/to/video.mp4'">open video in fancybox</a>

Additionally, since fancybox (the version you are using v1.3.4) cannot get either the type of content or the size of the video, it would be a good idea to set some in your custom script like

 "width": 480, // or whatever
 "height": 320,
 "type": "swf"
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