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Wrong answer was autoselected by the stupid bounty system.

I'm using front page extensions to interact with SharePoint Services 3.0 as described here.

In most samples I have seen the client simply looks for particular English strings in the result and uses that to determine if an error has occurred. However, I am writing an application which may be widely deployed and put on non-English language SharePoint servers so I would like to use the returned error codes instead.

Unfortunately, the documentation for the error codes is very poorly defined. It contains such gems as:

Although many RPC protocol methods have unique error messages, most rely on a standard error message format to relay information if a method fails to complete properly.

Hrm, what would be this "standard error message format"... and

The status is the error code from FrontPage Server Extensions for the condition encountered. osstatus is the error code from the operating system..

also sadly entertaining:

In general, the codes are integer values and the messages are text strings that summarize the error.

but nowhere is a table which describes the possible content of these errors to be found.

It seems likely to me that the OS error code would be an HRESULT but I have no idea what to look for in terms of potential sources for SharePoint error codes. My only clue is that status=589826 seems to indicate that a file already exists.

Wrong answer was autoselected by the stupid bounty system.

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I dont know if what you wrote is a tragedy or a comedy (in regards to the docs you posted). i hope you get the answer you need. – mattlant Sep 26 '08 at 7:01
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I guess it refers to this list of "standard" system error codes:


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Hrm, I wonder if the both the status and the osstatus use "System Error CodeS" – Rick Minerich Sep 26 '08 at 14:30
Actually, I don't think these could be the answer. So Far I've found two codes: 589826: //Filename Already Exists and 1966082: //Write Access Denied Neither is in the scope of those error messages. – Rick Minerich Sep 26 '08 at 14:35

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