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This is the state of my repository. The working branch is stable.

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I've pushed this repository to bitbucket. But when I clone from that bitbucket repository, the stable branch isn't selected as working branch. I have to update it to stable. How can I fix that ?

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Which branch were you on when you pushed? –  Greg Smith Nov 25 '12 at 22:00

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Mercurial will always update to the latest change in the default branch when you clone a repository with no arguments. If you don't have a default branch then you'll basically get a random branch when you clone. This is documented here.

You can change this behaviour by adding the -u branchname command option to the clone command.

When you say 'working branch' what do you mean? Do you mean that the main development work is done here? stable isn't usually used as the main development branch because the name suggests that the code in that branch is stable which is not usually the case during development. Normally, you would only make bug fixes on the stable branch.

There are three solutions to your problem as I see it:

  1. continue updating to the correct branch when you create a new clone
  2. clone using the -u stable option to update to the correct branch on clone
  3. change the layout of the repository so that the default branch contains the code that you want people to work on most often after a clone

The advice on the Mercurial wiki that I linked to above would suggest that you go with option 3 but that is obviously more work.

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Make sure that the 'stable' branch is set as the main branch in the 'Repository details' setting page. Whatever is set here is the branch that you'll be on by default when you clone a fresh copy of the repository.

EDIT: As Steve points out below this only sets the default branch for the Bitbucket UI, not the HG client itself.

Repository details

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That doesn't work. Mercurial updates to the default branch on clone. The Main branch setting of bitbucket seems to change the branch which is selected by default in the bitbucket repository pages. It doesn't affect which branch is updated to on clone. –  Steve Kaye Nov 26 '12 at 9:12
You're right. I thought I had this one working, sorry y'all. –  Kristopher Cargile Nov 26 '12 at 15:23

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