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I am using the as3wavsound class to play .wav sounds from file in my ActionScript 3 project. However, even though I am preloading the sounds, I am getting a delay of about 1 second every time I play one. The delay is the same, regardless of .wav length or bitrate.

How do I fix this delay?

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This is due to the buffer size in as3wavsound. To fix it...

1) Open WavSoundPlayer.as

2) Replace the following code:

public static var MAX_BUFFERSIZE:Number = 8192;


public static var MAX_BUFFERSIZE:Number = 2048;// 8192;

Save and close WavSoundPlayer.as, and then run your project again. This should fix the delay.

(Answer credit goes to morskoyz)

(Original question and answer on the as3wavsound bug report.)

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