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I want to create a map of members, but every membres have 3 propreties : first name, last name, and username. How can I create like a list of liste, but with a map.

So I want to have something like :

var membres= {['lastname': 'Bonneau',
              'firstname': 'Pierre',
              'username': 'mariobross'],
              ['lastname': 'Hamel',
               'firstname': 'Alex',
               'username': 'Queenlatifa'],

As you know, this code doesn't work. But it explain pretty well what I am trying to do.

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I think you are confusing the two constructs here.

Read this introduction to the language:

A list is a list of elements which can be denoted with the shorthand [...] syntax:

var list = [1, 2, "foo", 3, new, 4];

Whereas a map can be denoted with the curly brace shorthand syntax:

var gifts = {                         // A map literal
// Keys       Values
  'first'  : 'partridge',
  'second' : 'turtledoves',
  'fifth'  : 'golden rings'

So, let's modify your code to work:

var members = [
    'lastname': 'Bonneau',
    'firstname': 'Pierre',
    'username': 'mariobross'
    'lastname': 'Hamel',
    'firstname': 'Alex',
    'username': 'Queenlatifa'

You can, for example, print the information like this:

members.forEach((e) {
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If I understand your intent correctly, you want to have a list of maps. What you have is correct except you confused [ and {. The following works:

var membres = [
          {'lastname': 'Bonneau',
           'firstname': 'Pierre',
           'username': 'mariobross'},
          {'lastname': 'Hamel',
           'firstname': 'Alex',
           'username': 'Queenlatifa'}

As an example, to get a list of all usernames:

print( => v['username']));
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If you don't really need a Map, what about using a class to improve the structure of your code :

class Member {
  String firstname;
  String lastname;
  String username;
  Member(this.firstname, this.lastname, this.username);

main() {
  final members = new List<Member>();
  members.add(new Member('Pierre', 'Bonneau', 'mariobross'));
  members.add(new Member('Alex', 'Hamel', 'Queenlatifa'));
  // use members
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You mean like this?

// FirstName => LastName => Value
var lookup = new Map<String, Map<String, String>>();

// get / set values like this
void setValue(String firstName, String lastName, String value) {
   if (!lookUp.containsKey(firstName)) 
       lookUp[firstName] = new Map<String, String>();
   lookUp[firstName][lastName] = value;

String getValue(String firstName, String lastName) {
   if (!lookUp.containsKey(firstName)) return "";
   return lookUp[firstName][lastName];
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