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I have this code:

  if @art.save
    flash[:notice] = "Successfully saved!"

But I need something like this (in russian):

  if @art.save
    flash[:notice] = "Успешно сохранено в бд!"

Sure it's giving me errors, but are there any ways to use non-english notices in RoR? Or must I use locales? Then how do I translate only that notice? (in html is in .n1 class)

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What errors does it give you? It should work fine. – shioyama Nov 25 '12 at 22:35
Is your file using UTF8 encoding? – Plamen Nikolov Nov 25 '12 at 22:38
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I think you're missing a magic encoding comment. Add this to the top of the file

# encoding: utf-8

Also, a much better way is to use a built-in internationalization api. With it, your code will look like this:

flash[:notice] = I18n.t(:successful_save)

And all your russian strings will be contained within config/locales/ru.yml and won't cause any troubles in the source code.

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