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I am looking for the right way to store and display additional details of a logged-in user through out my application using Spring Security.

For example, I want to show Welcome:Mr.Smith (Administrator, Math Dept) on top of every page. For this I want to obtain the prefix, last name, designation and dept for the logged in user.

I am using a custom UserDetails service to fetch a user from the database. While browsing, I found that Authentication has getDetails(), which can store additional details related to authentication, can I use that method to store additional details?

If yes can you show a simple example? Can I use AuthenticationSuccessHanlder to do this job, or am I looking at the problem in a completely wrong way? Should I not handle this in the spring security layer? where should I take care of it?

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The extra details should be properties of a custom UserDetails class that your custom UserDetailsService returns from its loadUserByName method.

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Perfect. Thanks GreyBeardedGeek. I got it working by adding additional variables to userDetails. Created a class called CustomUserDetails added variables like Department, company etc. In my custom implementation of UserDetailsService, I returned new CustomUserDetails(new User(dbUser.getUsername(),dbUser.getPassword().toLowerCase(), true, true, true, true, getAuthorities(dbUser))); Got help from : Spring Security and Spring ACL for acl – Adithya Puram Nov 26 '12 at 0:51

Besides the need for a custom authentication-provider (an implementation of UserDetailsService), that you already identified, this can be done customizing the defaults that the framework provides a little further.

The framework provides a UserDetails interface and some implementations of it like a User class and other.


In an application of mine I had the need for a person without necessarily being a user of the application.

My way was to extend the already provided Spring Security User and make my UserDetailsService implementation return it.

public class RequestUserDetails 
        extends {
    private static final long serialVersionUID = -6411988532329234916L;
    private Integer personId;

    public RequestUserDetails(String username, String password, Integer personId,
            Collection<? extends GrantedAuthority> authorities) {
        super(username, password, authorities);
        this.personId = personId;

    public Integer getPersonId() {
        return personId;


public class UserSecurityService
    implements {
    public UserDetails loadUserByUsername(String username) throws UsernameNotFoundException {
        return new RequestUserDetails(

Simplistic Usages:

  • At a controller level with a parameter (not tied to Spring MVC):

    ( (RequestUserDetails) ((Authentication)principal).getPrincipal() ).getPersonId()
  • At a controller level tied to Spring MVC @Controller annotation, with a Authentication parameter:

    ( (RequestUserDetails)authentication.getPrincipal() ).getPersonId()

If you need further reference on Spring Security UserDetails go to API javadocs

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