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I need to change the hover colour of a hyper link using JavaScript. Basically when I click a button I want the current hover colour to change to a new colour.

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I think this is basically an Exact Copy? ^^

Here you Go mate, Use Google please !


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unless I am missing something in your spec the best way to do this would actually be with CSS. Quicker and more correct in terms of separating styling from interactivity.

Basic example


If however you want it to change after it has been clicked once, I'd have two rules in your CSS then swap out the classes. e.g.



Then target the element encapsulating this with an onClick.

document.getElementById("toChange").className = "";
document.getElementById("toChange").className = "second_hover";

Having your styling in your CSS makes it easier for others to read as they don't necessarily need to understand JS to make stylist changes. It is also just a slightly more logical way to construct your code. HTML for structure, JS for interactivity, and CSS for styling.

Hopefully this helps.

p.s. I might use jQuery if possible for add and removing classes, but that is only down to personal preference.

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