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I have a UIScrollView which contains a UIButton and a gradient button, which is a UIControl subclass. The gradient-button draws differently according to whether the user has tapped on it (indicating highlight).

The button behaves regularly inside the scroll-view, while the gradient-button does not: whenever I tap the button, it immediately redraws to indicate it has been highlighted. The gradient-button, however, does not respond immediately. Only if I hold the tap for half a second or so, does it redraw.

It should be noted that outside of a scroll-view, the gradient-button behaves as expected.

It seems to be related to the fact that a UIScrollView waits some time before forwarding the events, to decide if it should scroll instead.

My question is - what does UIButton do differently? how can I mimic this behavior in the gradient-button? Or maybe is it special treatment on the side of UIScrollView?

EDIT: The problem appears to be drawing-related. The touch events get called properly, but instead of two calls to drawRect: I only get one. Forcing the runloop to process events, as well as calling [CATransacation flush], causes two calls to drawRect: to be made, but there's no visible change.

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