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I am using VB.net VS2012 and am having trouble with getting a list of files with a filter.

Here is my code:

Public Function SearchAndAddToListWithFilter(ByVal path As String, ByVal Recursive As Boolean, arrayListOfFilters As ArrayList, ByRef listOfFiles As List(Of FileInfo))
    If Not Directory.Exists(path) Then Exit Function

    Dim initDirInfo As New DirectoryInfo(path)

    For Each oFileInfo In initDirInfo.GetFiles
        For x = 0 To arrayListOfFilters.Count - 1
            If (oFileInfo.Name Like arrayListOfFilters(x)) Then
            End If

    If Recursive Then
        For Each oDirInfo In initDirInfo.GetDirectories
            SearchAndAddToListWithFilter(oDirInfo.FullName, True, arrayListOfFilters, listOfFiles)
    End If

End Function

And here is an example of how to use it:

    Dim stringFilterList As String = "*.mp3, *.docx, *.mp3, *.txt"
    Dim arrayListOfFilenameFilters As New ArrayList(stringFilterList.Split(","))
    Dim stringFolderPath As String = "C:\temp\folder\"
    Dim booleanSearchSubFolders As Boolean = True

    Dim listOfFilesFoundViaSearch As New List(Of FileInfo)
    SearchAndAddToListWithFilter(stringFolderPath, booleanSearchSubFolders, arrayListOfFilenameFilters, listOfFilesFoundViaSearch)

    For x = 0 To listOfFilesFoundViaSearch.Count - 1

For some reason, the code only adds the files to the list that satisy the first condition in the list of filters.

Can I please have some help to get this code working?

Thank you.

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Functions return values, and passing a value ByRef is NOT the way to do it.

The following function will work:

Private Function SearchAndAddToListWithFilter(ByVal path As String, ByVal filters As String(), ByVal searchSubFolders As Boolean) As List(Of IO.FileInfo)
    If Not IO.Directory.Exists(path) Then
        Throw New Exception("Path not found")
    End If

    Dim searchOptions As IO.SearchOption
    If searchSubFolders Then
        searchOptions = IO.SearchOption.AllDirectories
        searchOptions = IO.SearchOption.TopDirectoryOnly
    End If

    Return filters.SelectMany(Function(filter) New IO.DirectoryInfo(path).GetFiles(filter, searchOptions)).ToList
End Function

and to use this function:

Dim filters As String() = {"*.mp3", "*.docx", "*.bmp", "*.txt"}
Dim path As String = "C:\temp\folder\"

Dim foundFiles As List(Of IO.FileInfo) = SearchAndAddToListWithFilter(path, filters, True)
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