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I am writing a chorme extension, and I want it to automatically offer a saveAs box when clicked. I have found this on the API, but as soon I added the 'downloads' to the premissions I get the warning below. I have no idea what channels are, and how I change them. What is that? Does that mean that anyone who downloads this extension will also have the headache of changing the channel?

There were warnings when trying to install this extension:
 * 'downloads' requires Google Chrome dev channel or newer, and this is the stable channel.`

In case it matters, this is my code:

window.onload = function(){
        {url: 'http://www.iana.org/_img/iana-logo-pageheader.png',
         saveAs: true
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The majority of the users are on the Stable channel, because this is the default.

If you want to use bleeding-edge features, get the Dev or Canary builds. More information on using a different release channel can be found on chromium.org at Chrome Release Channels.

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