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I am trying to create a WebI report with just a single input date, from a prompt, and then get n time slices, weeks or months, after it(max of 12).

For example param_input = 1/1/12 and also there is an input of 'n'

I thought I would try a query filter on the weekly time slices and then do a between param_input and RelativeDate(param_input, 7*n)

But the query builder isn't liking the dynamically created date.
Is there anyway to dynamically get that second date or do I just need to have two dates provided? Or alternatively is there a way to just pull down 12 slices and just filter down to the first n values?

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Is n prompted as well? – Hari Seldon Dec 10 '12 at 19:29
Yup... I'm prompting for what type of slice is wanted, and the number of periods they wanted – Jared Dec 11 '12 at 17:58

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you should create a new object in the universe (if you use MS SQL)

mono,constrained,persistent),7,@prompt('Enter date:','D',,mono,free,persistent)).

and in the report add filter:

[Date] between UserInputWithText_EnterDate and [Date+7](from the universe)

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