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I want to read the contents of a local file using JavaScript/jQuery. I understand this is often discussed, but my example is a little different because I want to return the contents after the fetch is done rather than manipulate HTML.

I don't want to talk about security issues and local files because this code is meant to run within my own browser (Chrome, which I start with the --allow-file-access-from-files flag).

I have the following function to get the data...

function readData() {
        type: "GET",
        url: "data.xml",
        async: false, // this does not change the outcome
        dataType: "xml",
        success: function(xml) {
            // Got the data, find entries and return them.
            console.log("Returning data");
            var doc = $(xml).find('entry');
            // This is where most examples manipulate dom, I want to
            // return the data instead
            return doc;

Now I want to do...

var xmlDoc = readData();
// undefined, why?

and have the document in the variable. Instead I get undefined. It seems that the function returns before the file is fetched. Or maybe I have a problem with variable scope?

Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Yes, I am sure I want to use JavaScript even though I am doing this locally.

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the problem here is readData is not returning any value, your success function is. I'm not sure its possible to do this with the structure of the ajax/callback model – Chris O'Kelly Nov 26 '12 at 0:34
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The stackoverflow answer regarding handling of $.ajax calls has a good example of a nice way this can be used. This example can be slightly modified to give you something close to what you are looking for.

function xhr_get(url) {

  return $.ajax({
    url: url,
    type: 'get',
    dataType: 'xml',
    beforeSend: showLoadingImgFn
  .always(function() {
    // remove loading image maybe
  .fail(function() {
    // handle request failures


The examples of implantation of the above method is:

xhr_get('/index').done(function(data) {
  // do stuff with index data

xhr_get('/id').done(function(data) {
  // do stuff with id data

You might want to something like:

function readData() {
    var returnData;

    xhr_get('data.xml').done(function(data) {
        returnData = data;

    return returnData;


Hope that helps.

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