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In the visual studio settings box it is possible to create a setting of type TimeSpan. I'm trying to make it default to >=24 hours. The annoying behaviour is that:

23:00:00 equates to 23 hours (same as TimeSpan.Parse)

24:00:00 equates to 768 hours (= 24 days) (same as TimeSpan.Parse)

If I enter 1:0:0:0 visual studio changes this value to 1.0:0:0 which equates to 1 hour (TimeSpan.Parse equates this to 24 hours which is what I want)

The TimeSpan type is nice because it allows type safety to be enforced and the user is able to edit a nicer looking representation (albeit possibly more confusing due to the 23:00:00/24:00:00 behaviour which is somewhat counterintuitive to me), but I can't see how to do this and allow >= 24 hour TimeSpans

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I think you are looking at wrong property - Hours is hours of the day, while you seem to be interested in TotalHours. I.e. you sample give 24 hours (1 day) as expected:

TimeSpan.Parse("1.00:00:00").TotalHours == 24
TimeSpan.Parse("2.01:00:00").TotalHours == 49
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Why not do your own parsing and then call TimeSpan constructor. An overload exists for day, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds.

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You can also store the TimeSpan as a string, then parse into a TimeSpan. – John Saunders Nov 26 '12 at 1:27

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