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i'm using Sitecore 6.5. I have 2 users that have the exact same role, say user A and user B.

When i archived an item with user A, i can see the archived item in the user A archive manager but not in user B.

How do i give access to the users so that they can see all archived items from all users without setting them as admin ?

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The archive application is using the Sitecore.Data.Archiving.SqlArchive.GetEntries method to retrieve the archived items from the database and it filters the items by the current user (using the ArchivedBy field) unless the current user is an administrator.

So to allow everyone to see every archived item you would have to create your own implementation of the GetEntries(User user, int pageIndex, int pageSize, ID archivalId) method. Simplest way might be to create a new Advanced System Reporter report and then override the SqlArchive.GetEntries method and pass in null as the user as that has the same effect as an administrator.

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