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I'd like to see the output of some of my Draper Decorators in Rails console ( and To do so, I was looking for a way to include a decorator and its methods similar to as we would an application helper:

 include ActionView::ApplicationHelper

A draper decorator inherits from an ApplicationDecorator, which inherits from Draper::Base

 class ApplicationDecorator < Draper::Base

 class MaterialDecorator < ApplicationDecorator
    decorates :material
    #methods to decorate your material..

I've tried include Draper::Base::MaterialDecorator, include ApplicationDecorator::MaterialDecorator, and some other similar variations with no luck.

How can I include a decorator such as the Material Decorator above in rails console?

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So, it turns out (unless someone can show otherwise) that this isn't the way you test draper decorator output in rails console..

Instead, you just do:

 material = Material.first
 material = MaterialDecorator.decorate(material)
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