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How could I turn this if-statement into a ternary statement?

if ( !empty($vendor_address_row['address2'])){
    $address_obj['address2'] = $vendor_address_row['address2'];
    $address_obj['address2'] = '<tr><td colspan="1">'.$address_row['address2'].'</td></tr>';    

I have trie

$vendor_address_row['address2'] ? $address_obj['address2'] = '<tr><td colspan="1">'.$address_row['address2'].'</td></tr>' : $address_obj['address2'] = '';


!empty($vendor_address_row['address2']) ? $address_obj['address2'] = '<tr><td colspan="1">'.$address_row['address2'].'</td></tr>' : $address_obj['address2'] = '';

Neither work. And there is probably a shorter way to do it besides. Thank you very much.

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I can say that your title ("ternary statement not testing value properly") is incorrect: the one that tests that incorrectly is not the statement, you are. You are not using comparison, but assignment - and assignment gives true-ish value whenever new value is true-ish. –  Tadeck Nov 26 '12 at 2:00

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It depends on whether $vendor_address_row['address2'] is always defined or not.

If it is (and version >= 5.3):

$address_obj['address2'] = $vendor_address_row['address2'] ?: '<tr><td colspan="1">'.$address_row['address2'].'</td></tr>';

Or (version < 5.3):

$address_obj['address2'] = $vendor_address_row['address2'] ? $vendor_address_row['address2'] : '<tr><td colspan="1">'.$address_row['address2'].'</td></tr>';

It it isn't:

$address_obj['address2'] = !empty($vendor_address_row['address2']) ? $vendor_address_row['address2'] : '<tr><td colspan="1">'.$address_row['address2'].'</td></tr>';

You can reverse the operands to get rid of the !empty() if you want.

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this should be:

echo $address_obj['address2'] = !empty($vendor_address_row['address2']) ? $vendor_address_row['address2'] : ('<tr><td colspan="1">'.$address_row['address2'].'</td></tr>');

or to save it to a variable:

$address_obj['address2'] = !empty($vendor_address_row['address2']) ? $vendor_address_row['address2'] : ('<tr><td colspan="1">'.$address_row['address2'].'</td></tr>');
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It should be

$address_obj['address2'] = empty($vendor_address_row['address2']) ? '<tr><td colspan="1">'.$address_row['address2'].'</td></tr>' : $vendor_address_row['address2'] ;
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Thanks for this. I'm a bit baffled by how it works though. if it the empty() test evaluates to false, how come it does not perform the task on the right side of the colon? I would think that should be done when the value empty() tests evaluates to true. –  thomas Nov 26 '12 at 2:04
And after the : you go set it to $vendor_address_row['address2'] instead of an empty string. Why did you go this route? Thanks again. –  thomas Nov 26 '12 at 2:06
The question was How could I turn this if-statement into a ternary statement? all i did was to follow the control of your if statement. There is no place in your if statement where empty string was set –  Baba Nov 26 '12 at 2:08

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