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We use confluence for documentaion but i find very time consuming to select the code macro , its 5 step process.

even typing by hand is also not efficient. Isn't it possible to have the button like we on the ans question editor to select the text and hit ctrl + K to chnage it to syntax highlighting.

Confluence is big company , why can't they do like it

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even typing by hand is also not efficient

I use the code macro extensively and always use the autocomplete feature by typing { and choosing 'Code Macro' from the list (It's enough to type co for the code macro). This is a very efficient.

Of course a keyboard shortcut would be faster, but there is no shortcut for the code macro. (AFAIK there is no keyboard shortcut for a specific macro at all)

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I use Ctrl-Shift-D then wrap the text in {code}.

This also fixes the problem with formatting being stripped from pasted text. In Confluence 5.5.6 if you edit a page, type {cod<enter} it puts a Code Block box on the page. Pasting code into this box can result in unformatted text.

The Insert Markup window (Ctrl-Shift-D) accepts plain text and does not strip the formatting.

Perhaps a better question here would be: Will Atlassian allow for buttons to be moved around the UI? Clicking Insert more content then Attachments is driving me nuts.

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