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From a WindowsServer, I am using:

File src = new File("\\\\servername\\D:\\LogFiles");

When I check for src.isDirectory(), it says false. Tried a different directory but again it returns false. Checked and the directories exists in the other Windows Server.

Most probably, it seems the issue is with the slashes. can someone help

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Try this:

File src = new File("\\\\servername\\D$\\LogFiles");
  1. Using $ for drivers.
  2. Add add \ for all "\" characters.
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Thanks. It got resolved after adding D$ instead of D: –  user1815823 Nov 26 '12 at 2:55

Pretty sure part of the problem is a windows share won't have a colon in it "D:" If you are trying to access the admin share for the D drive you'd need to use "D$"

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