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I've been trying to find the location of this symbol with firebug and other inspection tools.

You can see the symbol market in red in this screenshot. I want to remove it or at least change the color so it blends with the background.

You can see the symbol market in red here

This is the web page:

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In your style.css file on line 88 you have:

q:before, q:after{ content: "'";}

which is adding the ' character. Remove it or override it to an empty string (content: "").

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Line 88 in style.css:

q:before, q:after{ content: "'";}

Either remove or override the declaration.

To override, add specificity to the selector:

q:before, q:after{ content: "'";} /* original declaration */
body q:before, body q:after{ content: "";} /* override with more specificity */
q:before, q:after{ content: ""!important;} /* override with !important */
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Now just add this css in your stylesheet

.entry_content q:before, .entry_content q:after {
    content: "";
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