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So in my ArticlesController I set this...

@most_recent_tweets = Twitter.home_timeline(count:1)

and in the articles index.html.erb file...

    <% @most_recent_tweets.each do |tweet| %>
        <%= tweet["attrs"] %>
    <% end %>

This works fine...I get the following output...

{:created_at=>"Mon Nov 26 04:45:31 +0000 2012", :id=>272924019395813376, :id_str=>"272924019395813376", :text=>"Episode 394: STI and Polymorphic Associations (pro)", :source=>".....etc}

So here is my do I display only the value for :text?

I want my output to be....

Episode 394: STI and Polymorphic Associations (pro)

How do I do this? (thank you for your time)

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got it...tweet["text"] –  thefonso Nov 26 '12 at 4:57
Hi @thefonso - this is great, but it's really an "answer" to your question. It's best to put it in the answer section so that people know that your problem has been solved. Yes, it's ok to answer (and even accept) your own question. –  Taryn East Nov 26 '12 at 5:11

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got it...tweet["text"]


<% @most_recent_tweets.each do |tweet| %>
    <%= tweet["attrs"] %>
<% end %>


<% @most_recent_tweets.each do |tweet| %>
    <%= tweet["text"] %>
<% end %>
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